Re: SCO's infringing files list

From: Giacomo A. Catenazzi
Date: Tue Dec 23 2003 - 10:47:45 EST

Linus Torvalds wrote:
On Tue, 23 Dec 2003, Giacomo A. Catenazzi wrote:


/* Extended support for using errno values.
Written by Fred Fish. fnf@xxxxxxxxxx
This file is in the public domain. --Per Bothner. */
#if defined (ENOTTY)
ENTRY(ENOTTY, "ENOTTY", "Not a typewriter"),

Something like that may well be the source of the string. Fred Fish was active long before this timeframe (if it's the same Fred Fish - he used to do freeware collections for the Amiga in the '80's).

But there were multiple libc's around (estdio, libc5, glibc..), and it could be any of them.

Trying to find the kernel list archives from that timeframe would likely
clarify the issue. There were several lists back then: "linux-activists" mailing list, and of course the "comp.os.linux" newsgroup (this was before
it split into multiple newsgroups).

I've found some archives for linux-activists, but no newsgroup archives going that far back.. Anybody?

I found only a mail in linux-activists: It say """
4. lots of stuffs added to errno.h and string/errlist.c.
It seems that the new errno.h is added in libc, but there are some references of kernel and the post date is in the same weeks of the new kernel errno.h, so possibly the linux errno.h is based uppon this library.
Maybe someone of the "old" guys will understand something better about this post.


From: hlu@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (H.J. Lu)
Subject: Re: gcc-2.2.2 patches for linux?
Date: 19 Jul 92 15:42:48 GMT

In article <54473@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wilker@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (Clarence Wilkers
on) writes:
>I'd like to do cross compilation for linux on a sparc. Has anyone set this

Please read all the previous release notes and docs. This release note
only covers the new stuffs.

This is gcc 2.2.2 for Linux. It is on under
/pub/Linux/GCC. Gcc 2.3 will support Linux, according to RMS. The FSF
has all the files Linux needs.

Please get the new binutils.tar.Z, which fixed some bugs in as and a
gprof with some patches from Rick Sladkey at jrs@xxxxxxxxxxxxx, if
you haven't got it.

I added some jumptable stubs to gcc. But I don't have the time to
implement it. In the future, you can use jump table with -jump in

Libg++.a is 2.2 beta.

This gcc will produce binaries only run safely under 0.96a patch level
4 or above.

The list of known bugs.

1. one 'cmp' in dbz test fails. Per is not planning on doing anything
about it. your contribution is welcome.

The following bugs in libc.a are fixed.

1. hard and soft math libs are fixed. some of functions are totally
2. acosh, asinh and atanh are added to libsoft.a and math.h.
3. open a file for read and write, then do fseek followed by fwrite
works now.
4. now random () and srandom () are renamed to __random () and
__srandom (), respectively.
5. the header files taken from glibc.a are fixed.
6. the sys call mount now takes 4 args.
7. getpagesize and getdtablesize work now.
8. netdb.h, resolv.h, sys/uio.h, netinet.h, arpa/inet.h and
arpa/nameser.h are changed.
9. Some function declarations are added to sys/socket.h in

The following functions are added to libc.a.

1. profil.
2. libg.a is there.
3. getdtablesize.
4. lots of stuffs added to errno.h and string/errlist.c.
5. some changes in string/siglist.c.
6. dtoa.
7. there is a new strtod, please check it out.
8. drem.
9. the inet library functions are in libinet.a. They are untested. Once
they are tested ok, they will be moved to libc.a. All the inet
library functions are there, except for res_xxxx, rcmd, rexec and
ruserpass, which require more kernel support, like F_SETOWN, FASYNC,
and a few network system calls.

There should also be a set of files in /etc for inet functions. I
hope Ross will provide them.

In this release, there is a libc_p.a compiled with "-pg" for profiling.

You should use "-g" for debugging and "-pg/-p" for profiling in CFLAGS
when you compile the source code.

There must be a few other bugs. Please let me know if you find any.

File list:

1. 2.2.2db.tar.Z (cpp, libg.a and libc_p.a)
2. 2.2.2lib.tar.Z (cc1, cc1plus)
3. 2.2.2misc.tar.Z (header files, drivers, libs, doc, ....)
4. shlib-2.2.2.tar.Z (making the shared libs for gcc 2.2.2)
5. libc-2.2.2.tar.Z (source code for the libs)
6. gcc-2.2.2.tar.Z (patches for compiling gcc 2.2.2)
7. 0.96bp2inc.tar.Z (the kernel header files for 0.96b patch level 2)


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