Re: how long does it take to init the scheduler?

From: Andrew Morton
Date: Sat May 08 2004 - 06:25:46 EST

Olaf Hering <olh@xxxxxxx> wrote:
> That leads to another question. usermodehelper_init() is now an initcall.
> all the binfmt stuff is also an initcall. We had a patch (for debugging)
> that turned init_elf_binfmt() into core_initcall.
> Can we change that as well, so one could finally run stuff via the
> driver hotplug events? init_script_binfmt() should be also
> core_initcall, so you can run scripts. But I havent looked at the
> dependencies for the binfmt stuff.

We may as well make usermodehelper_init() core_initcall as well, to make
sure its services are avaialble to all the other initcall levels.

diff -puN kernel/kmod.c~usermodehelper_init-use-core_initcall kernel/kmod.c
--- 25/kernel/kmod.c~usermodehelper_init-use-core_initcall 2004-05-08 04:22:23.119603600 -0700
+++ 25-akpm/kernel/kmod.c 2004-05-08 04:22:28.096846944 -0700
@@ -269,4 +269,4 @@ static __init int usermodehelper_init(vo
return 0;


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