problem with sis900 driver 2.6.5 +

From: mike
Date: Tue May 11 2004 - 13:33:32 EST

In kernels 2.6.5 and above (may affect 2.6.4 as well) there seems to be
a problem with the sis900 eth driver

I have a sis chipset with integrated ethernet sis900 driver which has
always worked perfectly up to and including 2.6.3 (fedora)

Now with both fedora 2.6.5 kernel and vanilla 2.6.6 eth0 does not come

relevant messages

sis900 device eth0 does not appear to be present delaying initialisation

and from dmesg eth0: cannot find ISA bridge

2.6.3 works fine

lsmod shows sis and sis900 modules loaded fine

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