RFC: Harmonised parameter passing

From: Henk Vergonet
Date: Tue Mar 08 2005 - 10:02:17 EST


The current method of parameter passing to drivers build as a module is extremely usefull.
Modules don't have to write there own parsing code, there's a nice macro that can be used to document specifics of the parameter and so on.

Could we extend this method where we use the same methodology for inbound drivers? (Currently a lot of drivers use their own parameter parsing code when it comes to passing values at kernel boot time.)

so we could do the regular:

insmod mcd io=0x340

for modules, or with kernel boot parameters:


for in-kernel drivers.

My proposal would be to introduce something like:

DRIVER_PARM_DESC(variable, description);
DRIVER_PARM(variable, type, scope);

where scope can be:
PARM_SCOPE_MODULE => This parameter is used in module context.
PARM_SCOPE_KERNEL => This parameter is used in kernel context.
=> This parameter is used in both kernel and module context, which should be the default if scope is omitted.

What do you think?

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