Re: PCMCIA product id strings -> hashes generation at compilationtime? [Was: Re: [patch 14/38] pcmcia: id_table for wavelan_cs]

From: Benjamin Herrenschmidt
Date: Wed Mar 09 2005 - 02:36:02 EST

> > > The difficulty is that extracting and evaluating them breaks the wonderful
> > > bus-independent MODNAME implementation for hotplug suggested by Roman Kagan
> > > ( ), and that these
> > > strings may contain spaces and other "strange" characters. The latter may be
> > > worked around, but the former cannot. /etc/hotplug/pcmcia.agent looks really
> > > clean because of this MODNAME implementation:
> >
> > Same goes with Open Firmware match strings that we are about to pass
> > down to userspace as well. Hotplug will have to learn to deal with
> > those.
> Ok, any suggestions that don't involve hashes?

Not sure, I haven't looked at the details & issues involves (I just
"spotted" the issue about space while quick-reading lkml). I suppose
quotes around the strings are good enough, at least for OF, I yet have
to see a "compatible", "name" or "type" property with quotes in it...


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