RE: [ANNOUNCE][PATCH 2.6.11 2/3] megaraid_sas: Announcing new mod ule for LSI Logic's SAS based MegaRAID controllers

From: Bagalkote, Sreenivas
Date: Wed Mar 09 2005 - 09:51:52 EST

>> I will make this an instance parameter if the idea to reduce as many
>> global variables as possible. But if the objection is because each
>> adapter
>> may have different value for variable, then it is indeed a global
>> value.
>> "is_dma64" - which is computed using the size of dma_addr_t - is
>> telling
>> something about the kernel rather than the controller feature.
>then having it as variable sounds really really wrong; the size of
>dma_addr_t is a compile time property...
>(and why do you care about it? you see high dma addresses when
>they come
>in, right?)

During the module load time, I allocate 32 bit or 64 bit SGLs based on
whether I can receive 64 bit DMA addresses or not. If size of dma_addr_t
is 4, then I allocate only 32 bit SGLs. During the run time, I prepare
32/64 bit SGLs based on this variable. And since this is compile time
system-wide property, I kept it as driver global.
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