Re: [Linux-fbdev-devel] Re: [announce 7/7] fbsplash - documentation

From: Arnd Bergmann
Date: Wed Mar 09 2005 - 12:45:30 EST

On Middeweken 09 März 2005 17:54, Jon Smirl wrote:

> framebuffer already has a class registered. check out /sys/class/grpahics.
> You should be able to just call request_firmware and have it download
> your image whenever you need it. It doesn't have to be firmware,
> request_firmware will download anything.

Agreed, request_firmware() would be a really nice way to simplify the interface.
It might be more practical to use the /sys/class/tty/tty* object instead of
the /sys/class/graphics/fb* one, but I don't know enough about the console
subsystem to tell for sure.

Arnd <><
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