[CHECKER] sync, fsync and mount -o sync all not flush things outproperly (hfsplus, 2.6.11)

From: Junfeng Yang
Date: Sat Mar 12 2005 - 07:12:53 EST


We developed a file system checker called FiSC and recently applied it to
hfsplus. It complains 3 things about hfsplus:

1. sync on hfsplus doesn't actually flush everything out. Immediate crash
after sync still causes data-loss (testcase:

2. fsync on hfsplus doesn't actually flush out the file.

3. mount -o sync doesn't cause file system operations to be synchronous.

To reproduce these warnings, download the test case and run it. You might
need to customize the test case according to your local settings. Let me
know if you need any more information to reproduce the warnings.

Any confirmations/clarifications are appreciated.

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