Re: Strange memory leak in 2.6.x

From: Alexander Nyberg
Date: Sat Mar 12 2005 - 10:12:25 EST

> > Yikes something isn't right with these backtraces that page_owner is
> > showing. Even without frame pointers it shouldn't be this noisy.
> If you could send me some pointers to documents how to interpret
> this output, i would appreciate it.

The whole output indicates who has allocated whole pages from the page
allocator. It shows us a bit of the call trace of who allocated it. If
we see that someone has allocated abnormally much memory (considering
how much the caller 'should' have allocated) there is a good chance that
that caller is leaking memory.

This is for example good complete trace:
[0xc0148b9a] do_anonymous_page+170
[0xc0148cdb] do_no_page+75
[0xc0149128] handle_mm_fault+264
[0xc0113625] do_page_fault+501
[0xc0104a7b] error_code+43

The next one here is how it looks when it is not so good:
[0xc013962b] find_or_create_page+91
[0xc01596ac] grow_dev_page+44
[0xc015986a] __getblk_slow+170
[0xc0159c26] __getblk+54
[0xf8ac0a57] +1207
[0xf8abfccd] +61
[0xf8ac03c1] +241
[0xf8ac040a] +42

Stupid me, the 0xf8ac040a addresses are vmalloc space (modules). I need
to look into why it doesn't work with vmalloc but in the meantime, could
you please save a copy of /proc/kallsyms from the computer right away so
that I can look up those when the computer locks up (the copy needs to
be from the current run, addresses can change between reboots).

> > And when that kernel is booted, could you directly send me the output
> > of /proc/page_owner (sort or unsorted) so that I can see if something is
> > wrong with the data it's producing (just to be sure).
> See
> > If it works better with CONFIG_FRAME_POINTER, i'm also going to have to
> > ask you to do another one of these runs that you just did.
> The cronjob which generates each 10 minutes a new actual file of
> page_owner_sorted is still running... and I'm afraid that we will
> run into problems sooner or later again...

Thanks for helping to track this down.

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