Re: huge filesystems

From: jmerkey
Date: Mon Mar 14 2005 - 22:52:05 EST

Andrew Morton wrote:

jmerkey <jmerkey@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I am running the DSFS file system as a 7 TB file system on 2.6.9.

On a 32-bit CPU?


There are a host of problems with the current VFS,

I don't recall you reporting any of them. How can we expect to fix
anything if we aren't told about it?

I report them when I can't get around them myself. I've been able to get
around most of them.

ad I have gotten around most of them by **NOT** using the linux page cache interface.

Well that won't fly.

For this application it will.

The VFS should support devices up to 16TB on 32-bit CPUs. If you know of
scenarios in which it fails to do that, please send a bug report.

Based on the changes I've mode to it locally for my version of 2.6.9, it
now goes to
1 zetabyte (1024 pedabytes). Largest one I've configured so far with
actual storage
is 128 TB, though. Had to drop the page cache and replace though -- for now.


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