[Announce] sg3_utils-1.13 available

From: Douglas Gilbert
Date: Tue Mar 15 2005 - 01:29:12 EST

sg3_utils is a package of command line utilities for sending
SCSI commands to devices. This package targets the lk 2.6 and
lk 2.4 series. In the lk 2.6 series these utilities (except
sgp_dd) can be used with any devices that support the SG_IO

This version adds sg_format which can format SCSI disks,
potentially with a different number of bytes in each block.
It can also resize (sometimes called "short stroke") a
disk. There are also extensions to the sg_dd utility to
use the READ LONG SCSI command on damaged blocks (for a "last
resort" media copy).

A tarball, rpm and deb can be found on:
http://www.torque.net/sg .
For an overview of sg3_utils see this page:
The sg_dd utility has its own page at:
A changelog can be found at:

A release announcement has been sent to freshmeat.net .

Doug Gilbert
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