[PATCH] optional use "gzip --rsyncable" for bzImage - 2

From: Ph. Marek
Date: Wed Nov 16 2005 - 08:15:43 EST

> As (at least in debian) gzip has the "--rsyncable" parameter included,
> I'd like to suggest this patch to (configurable) use this for bzImage
> The default is "N" to stay compatible with current behaviour.
> I didn't find an entry in MAINTAINERS; and according to git a lot of people
> touch arch/i386/Kconfig, so I just send to the l-k.
> Andrew, how about an -mm inclusion? Or is the patch too small to warrant

Sorry, my test compile just finished with an error.
I found that I misunderstood the way $(call ) works in kernel Makefiles;
I have to investigate that further.

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