Re: [PATCH] libata error handling fixes (ATAPI)

From: Jeff Garzik
Date: Wed Nov 16 2005 - 08:31:44 EST

Jens Axboe wrote:
I updated that patch, and converted IDE and SCSI to use it. See the
results here:;a=shortlog;h=blk-softirq

The main change from the version posted last october is killing the
'slightly' overdesigned completion queue hashing.

Oh yeah: you shouldn't need to make scsi_retry_command() exported. It's private to scsi, to just publish it in scsi_priv.h.

Tangent: As part of my libata work, I'm thinking about un-exporting scsi_finish_command(), and instead exporting scsi_eh_flush_done_q() and scsi_eh_finish_cmd().


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