Re: [2.6 patch] i386: always use 4k stacks

From: Jeff V. Merkey
Date: Wed Nov 16 2005 - 23:37:49 EST

Adrian Bunk wrote:

On Wed, Nov 16, 2005 at 03:54:27PM -0700, Jeffrey V. Merkey wrote:

The SCSI layer needs to be checked. I reproduced another crash on today on an older Niksun box running off the end of the stack.


It's somewhere in the scanning code. There's a case where it runs off the end of the stack. Check the compaq drivers for SATA as well, they also crash in a similiar place during bus scan. Both occurred during bootup, so I wasn't able to get a log of the particulars. Should be easy to reproduce. Compaq Presario 2200.

Are you using completely unmodified kernels?.


Which version?


If it occurs during bootup, you should see the error displayed.
Please use a digital camera to photograph the error and send a linkt ot the photo.

The error is a stack trace rolling off the screen with a list of functions -- right before it reboots.




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