Re: /net/sched/Kconfig broken

From: David GÃmez
Date: Thu Nov 17 2005 - 08:57:22 EST

Hi Adrian,

On Nov 17 at 12:16:50, Adrian Bunk wrote:
> > Sorry for not giving more details. I'm using make menuconfig
> > in a 2.6.14 kernel After selecting CONFIG_NET_SCHED and CONFIG_NET_CLS_BASIC
> > i don't see new options, the last option visible is NET_CLS_ROUTE4.
> And if you select NET_CLS_ROUTE4, this should automatically select
> Are you saying that after enabling NET_CLS_ROUTE4, the option
> NET_CLS_ROUTE is not set in your .config?

No, the option is set. But the changes are not visible in make menuconfig, that
is, i cannot select options that depend on NET_CLS_ROUTE.

I found out that if i select NET_CLS_ROUTE4, save my changes and exit
menuconfig, execute again make menuconfig and go to QoS options, then the new
available options are visible. So menuconfig has some problem refreshing
contents :?


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