Winning St0ck Picks, Don't Miss CYI0. 0B..claimant

From: alicia Salehi
Date: Thu Nov 17 2005 - 10:08:00 EST


Wall Street Gains Report
Best Pick This Week CYI0. 0B

This company can easily go to 2.oo easily,
with little movement get in early and profit
with our other members. This is a great company
who keeps pushing forward with great technology.
It will also have very big promotions the middle
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Symb0l: CYI0 . 0B
Last-Trade: . 8O
Purchase-Level: Very High

+ CYI0 . 0B +++ CYI0 . 0B +++ CYI0 . 0B +

CYIOS to Bid on DHS EAGLE Contract

CYIOS Corporation (CYIO - News)
announced today that the company is submitting a
bid on November 14, 2005 for the Department of
Homeland Security's Enterprise Acquisition Gateway
for Leading Edge (EAGLE) IT solutions program.
EAGLE has open, competitive bid solicitations and
small-business set-asides with a five- year base
and two one-year options for renewal. The
opportunity has a maximum value of $45 billion.

CYIOS is ready to bring its expertise in
infrastructure engineering, software development,
knowledge management, and performance-based contracting
to the Department of Homeland Security. Timothy Carnahan,
the company's president and CEO stated, "Our strong prime
contracting past-performance with the Department of
Defense coupled with our new status as a public company,
positions us well to receive a contract award. Moreover,
the 40% set-aside is a direct result of the Small
Business Office initiative to increase the award of
prime contracts to small businesses; it is great to see
our strategy working with the Small Business Office is
coming to fruition."

CYIOS' bid department further explained the potential
amount of business this contract could mean for the
company. The Department of Homeland Security has set
aside $18 of the $45 billion for small business. If
awarded, CYIOS would have the privilege to bid on the
$18 billion worth of task orders over seven years,
beginning sometime during the second quarter of 2006.
The company estimates the award would go to approximately
30 to 40 small businesses. If CYIOS were to win just 1%
of the task orders, that could mean upwards of $35 million
a year in revenue for 7 years.

The Department of Homeland Security intends to award
EAGLE contracts in 2006 according to its officials.

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+++ CYI0 . 0B +++


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