Re: Laptop mode causing writes to wrong sectors?

From: Bradley Chapman
Date: Thu Nov 17 2005 - 11:22:04 EST

Mr. Samwel,

On 11/17/05, Bart Samwel <bart@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> OK, that's the second report then. I'm beginning to worry. :/
> Are you seeing any DMA timeout messages in your kernel log?

Once, when my /var partition got trashed - about thirty or forty loud
and scary messages from the IDE core saying that various disk accesses
(i.e. normal read/writes) were failing. I do believe DMA was

Another time (i.e. just now), I got five Oopses in a row, most of them
in kmem_cache_alloc() but with one in generic_aio_file_read().
Unfortunately I am using fglrx right now so they are probably quite

Most of the time though, I don't see anything.

Fortunately the number of errors encouraged the kernel to remount R/O,
so after a quick jump to single user mode and two e2fsck -f
invocations, it was healed.

> Also, both reports are on ext3, which might point to an ext3 problem
> with long commit intervals.
> Bradley, Jan, since when have these problems been happening? Kernel
> version-wise, I mean?

They started with 2.6.13. I can't remember ever expereincing random
partition trashing or random file corruption in 2.6.12. I tried - that kernel did Bad Things as well.

So far though, as long as I stay on juice, 2.6.13 seems to behave.

> --Bart


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