Swap Bug Massive EXT3 Corruption on FC4 with 2.6.14 update

From: jmerkey
Date: Thu Nov 17 2005 - 13:32:15 EST

When instaling FC4 on a system which already has FC2 previously installed on a second hard drive, the install program becomes
confused and assigns the swap partition to the FC2 system when installing FC4. The kernel then IGNORES the size extents set
for the swap partition (in this case FC2 was set to 1024, FC4 was set to 2048) and allows the cross mounted swap to grow into
the next partition, totally corrupting the root drive (/) by allowing the swap segment to grow into the root drive and overwrite

To reproduce, install FC2 on an /dev/hda device with defaults, then install FC4 on a /dev/hdb device, build the 2.6.14 update for
FC4 and watch your data disappear.

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