[] port smartcard driver to new pcmcia infrastructure?

From: Jan De Luyck
Date: Fri Nov 18 2005 - 08:20:01 EST

Hello list,

I'm currently looking into getting my smartcard driver to work. O2Micro was
nice enough to opensource the driver [1]. The driver compiles without
problems, and can be insmod' without triggering any problem. The main problem
lies that it doesn't seem to be calling the ozscrx_attach function, which
sets up the irq's and everything, thus causing the subsequent open of the
device to fail with -ENODEV.

The laptop in question is an Acer TM803, with an
in-the-cardbus-system-integrated SmartCard reader.

Does anyone have any idea how i can continue debugging this?



[1] ftp://scrdriver:scrdriver@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx/Linux or

Se o filme fosse gaúcho...

Mamãe Faz Cem anos -- A Véia tá Cheirando a Defunto
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