Re: [RFC] HOWTO do Linux kernel development

From: Pavel Machek
Date: Fri Nov 18 2005 - 18:38:57 EST


> > Those who don't notice Documentation, don't deserve it, and are not
> > likely/willingly to be the audience,
> Actually this is exactly the audience this is for, people who do not
> know where to look for the stuff they are trying to find.
> Now getting people to realize that this is the file they really want to
> look at is a different task, but not impossible.
> > > Now if those same people would notice anything in the root directory
> > > either, is another story...
> >
> > That is rather like top-posting or CAPITALIZATION, or spamming.
> Cool, I'm a top-poster, SPAMMER for creating a HOWTO file in the root
> directory of the kernel tree. And here I thought I had been called
> every bad name in the book before :)

HOWTO is really wrong name for it. I'd expect "how to compile kernel" there.
Plus, some people actually needing advice will miss it because they'll only
search Doc*/

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