Re: Automount ghost option

From: Ian Kent
Date: Fri Nov 18 2005 - 22:35:02 EST

On Fri, 18 Nov 2005, Olivier Croquette wrote:

> I want the automount mount points to be visible even if they are not mounted.
> It seems the "ghost" option implements that. I can find several references on
> the internet which indicates it is available, like:

This looks like a good description of to do it.

> Nevertheless, on some recent distributions I have tested on, this option is
> not available.

For example?

It is available on all recent RedHat distributions, Debian 3.1, latest
SuSE and although last time I looked Gentoo is a little behind on their
release and patches it should still work. I also recommend a fairly recent
2.6 kernel in order to get the latest bug fixes. I've fallen somewhat
behind in updating my 2.4 patches but those that are available at

should work adequately.

> Can anyone tell me in which version of automount it is present?
> Or is it a distribution specific patch?

Preferably 4.1.4 with at least the patches autofs-4.1.4-*.patch from above applied but distributions that have a 4.1 version should

You need to be aware that some maps cannot be browsable (the terminology
is about to change from ghosting). For example

* host:/some/dir/&

is not browsable because autofs cannot know what the map keys at startup.

Basically, if the map keys cannot be known in advance they will not be
seen, at least immediately after startup.


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