Re: Fail to buil linux-2.6.14

From: Stéphane BAUSSON
Date: Sat Nov 19 2005 - 17:06:53 EST

I fixed it by increasing the the 0x400 offset in arch/i386/kernel/ to 0xb00 ...
I do not understand why this issue is specific to my config.

Ken Moffat wrote:
On Thu, 17 Nov 2005, Stéphane BAUSSON wrote:

Hi, I am failing to build 2.6.14, any idea or direction for investigation ?

/local/gnu/binutils/bin/ld: section .text [ffffe400 -> ffffe45f] overlaps section .dynstr [ffffe17c -> ffffe9cd]
/local/gnu/binutils/bin/ld: section .note [ffffe460 -> ffffe477] overlaps section .dynstr [ffffe17c -> ffffe9cd]

Get a better binutils ? I don't know what you've installed in /local/gnu/binutils, but it clearly doesn't get along with the kernel you've compiled. Maybe it's broken (at least from a kernel viewpoint), maybe it simply doesn't match the version of gcc you are using.


stephane.bausson@xxxxxxx - Lherm (31,France)

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