Re: Kernel - Hard link count is wrong

From: Massimiliano Hofer
Date: Sun Nov 20 2005 - 13:27:18 EST

On Sunday 20 November 2005 4:14 pm, Massimiliano Hofer wrote:

> I'll write back as soon as possible with more tests.

I'm back. First of all I beg your pardon for blaming, I forgot I
rebooted with
A cursory check of the mailing list and the changelog doesn't show any obvious
change in 2.6.14 that would solve this, but I may be overlooking something.

Anyway I couldn't reproduce the bug in, but it is easily reproducible
with Adding and removing a 8139too PCMCIA card I managed to get this

find: WARNING: Hard link count (5) is wrong for /proc/bus/pci: this may be a
bug in your filesystem driver. Automatically turning on find's -noleaf
option. Earlier results may have failed to include directories that should
have been searched.

Compiling pcmcia in the kernel (but leaving yenta and 8139too as a module) I
never get errors on /proc/bus, but I get the same results on /proc/bus/pci.
It seems a broader hotplug problem. Of corse it could be already solved in
2.6.14, as I can't reproduce it.

Massimiliano Hofer
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