Re: Linux 2.6.14: Badness in as-iosched

From: Brice Goglin
Date: Mon Nov 21 2005 - 10:35:51 EST

Jens Axboe wrote:

>On Thu, Nov 10 2005, Brice Goglin wrote:
>>Hi Jens,
>>I just hit a badness (actually, tons of badness like this) in as-iosched
>>while ripping
>>an audio CD with ripperX (with cdparanoia as a backend).
>>I was using 2.6.14 on an IBM Thinkpad R52. The kernel has been compiled with
>>gcc-4.0.2-2 (Debian testing).
>>The first badness in dmesg is:
>>cdrom: dropping to single frame dma
>>arq->state: 4
>>Badness in as_insert_request at drivers/block/as-iosched.c:1519
>> [<c0237410>] as_insert_request+0x70/0x1d0
>> [<c022dc25>] __elv_add_request+0xa5/0xe0
>> [<c022dc8b>] elv_add_request+0x2b/0x40
>> [<c0230fe6>] blk_execute_rq_nowait+0x46/0x60
>> [<c023107a>] blk_execute_rq+0x7a/0xe0
>> [<c0231310>] blk_end_sync_rq+0x0/0x30
>> [<c0160b77>] bio_phys_segments+0x27/0x30
>> [<c0232610>] blk_rq_bio_prep+0x40/0xb0
>> [<c0230dc7>] blk_rq_map_user+0xb7/0xf0
>> [<c026bc32>] cdrom_read_cdda_bpc+0x182/0x210
>> [<c026bd1b>] cdrom_read_cdda+0x5b/0xc0
>Similar case was posted yesterday (I realize yours is older, just missed
>it the first time around), see my explanation here:
>And work-around below.
Thank you very much, Jens.
Is this patch going to -stable ?

Brice Goglin

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