Re: Does Linux support powering down SATA drives?

From: Marc Perkel
Date: Mon Nov 21 2005 - 10:49:02 EST

Mark Lord wrote:

Yes, the hdparm -y, -Y, and -S flags all work with the passthru feature set,
which is included in the 2.6.15-rc* kernels.

Typical power consumption figures, from WDC SataII drives:

Idle: 430mA@12VDC + 730mA@5VDC (about 8.75 watts)
Standby: 20mA@12VDC + 270mA@5VDC (about 1.60 watts)
Sleep: 20mA@12VDC + 250mA@5VDC (about 1.50 watts)

Those are from the WDC datasheets.


Here's maxotor specs

Spinup (avg, watts) 28.7
Seek (avg, watts) 12.3
Idle (avg, watts) 7.0
Standby (avg, watts) 2.1

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