[PATCH 0/7] kconfig/menuconfig

From: Sam Ravnborg
Date: Mon Nov 21 2005 - 17:36:56 EST

Hi Roman & lkml.

I have digged up a serie of patches I had for scripts/lxdialog.
The net result of the patches are much nicer look in a text-only console
(that is with no X running). Also the code becomes in some places
almost readable, using Lindent is just one part of the cure.

Description of the individual patches:

[xxx] Lindent of scripts/lxdialog (patch not posted)
[1/7] fixup after Lindent
[2/7] make lxdialog sparse clean
[3/7] introduce a common helper to simplify printing the title
[4/7] left align the menu lines
[5/7] fix indention on text-only consoles
[6/7] make menubox.c more readable using a single macro
[7/7] truncate long menu lines

All patches are pushed to the kbuild repository at kernel.org:

Patched will follow as reply to this mail

This is not strictly kbuild stuff but using this repository the patches will
hit -mm for wider testing.

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