How can I prevent MTD to access the end of a flash device ?

From: Franck
Date: Tue Nov 22 2005 - 09:57:46 EST


I have two questions that I can't answer by my own. I tried to look at
FAQ and documentation on MTD website but found no answer.

First question is about size of flash. I have a Intel strataflash
whose size is 32MB but because of a buggy platform hardware I can't
access to the last 64KB of the flash. How can I make MTD module aware
of this new size. The restricted map size is initialized by my driver
but it doesn't seem to be used by MTD.

The second question is about the "cacheable" mapping field in map_info
structure. I looked at others drivers and this field seems to be
optional. Does this field, if set, improve flash access a lot ? Should
I set up a cacheable mapping ?

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