Re: Resume from swsusp stopped working with 2.6.14 and 2.6.15-rc1

From: Dmitry Torokhov
Date: Tue Nov 22 2005 - 13:45:23 EST

On 11/22/05, Pavel Machek <pavel@xxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi!
> [Please Cc me if you want fast reply.]
> > > Swsusp: do not time-out when stopping tasks while resuming
> > >
> > > When stopping tasks during esume process there is no point of
> > > eastablishing a timeout because teh process is past the point
> > > of no return; there is no possible recovery from failure. If
> > > stopping tasks fails resume is aborted and user is forced to
> > > do fsck anyway.
> >
> > If a clueless users voice counts for anything: I couldn't agree more.
> >
> > A failed resume is a near catastrophy if you use and trust swsusp. And
> > how could it ever be useful if you don't?
> Failed resume is only as bad as powerfail.

So? I don't like powerfails either. Could you please answer this
question - what pros of having resume process time out do you
envision? What problems does it help to solve?

> > Maybe that even would give me a chance to fix some hardware problem
> > causing the timeout, and then retry the resume.
> ..while doing resume few times, trying to change hw config to make it
> resume is _way_ more dangerous.

And still we have to do our best to support it. There is USB,
Firewire, Docking station that may appear/disappear while box is
suspended and we absolutely need to support this. Requiring that
hardware configuration has to be frozen between suspend/resume cycles
will not get us far.

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