Re: [PATCH] make miniconfig (take 2)

From: Pavel Machek
Date: Tue Nov 22 2005 - 17:54:30 EST


> P.S. I don't use git. Poked at it a few times, but I made the mistake of
> reading largeish chunks of the git man page and the git glossary in an
> attempt to get up to speed, and got a headache. Anything that can define
> "clean" in such a way that I'm _less_ sure of the definition afterwards:
> Learning git went back on the to-do list somewhere between cleaning behind the
> refrigerator and sorting my book collection by author...

Getting latest try via git is _really_ easy:

mkdir clean-cg; cd clean-cg

... Do cg-update origin to pickup latest changes from Linus. You can
do cg-diff to see what changes you done in your local tree. cg-cancel
will kill any such changes, and cg-commit will make them permanent.

Sorry, I did not have time to look what's wrong with miniconfig, yet.


Thanks, Sharp!
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