Re: [RFC] Small PCI core patch

From: Alan Cox
Date: Tue Nov 22 2005 - 18:07:09 EST

On Maw, 2005-11-22 at 23:31 +0100, Harald Dunkel wrote:
> I don't know ATI, but NVidia is running huge Linux clusters
> for verification. IMHO its really time for them to contribute
> back to the community. In the end it would be the benefit for
> all.

They are, and getting better at it. One thing you really need to do
before ascribing sinister goings on and malice to 'not doing what you
want' is understand the view from the other side.

The "do things out way or we bomb you" approach isn't a constructive way
to build bridges whether its performed by Linux developers or US


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