Re: 2.6.14 kswapd eating too much CPU

From: Jan Kasprzak
Date: Wed Nov 23 2005 - 00:17:35 EST

Nick Piggin wrote:
: Can't see anything yet. Sysrq-M would be good. cat /proc/zoneinfo gets you
: most of the way there though.
: A couple of samples would be handy, especially from /proc/vmstat.
: cat /proc/vmstat > vmstat.out ; sleep 10 ; cat /proc/vmstat >> vmstat.out
: The same for /proc/zoneinfo would be a good idea as well.

I will send it tomorrow - I will try to boot 2.6.15-rc2
to see if the problem is still there.

: Also - when you say "too much cpu time", what does this mean? Does
: performance noticably drop compared with 2.6.13 performing the same cron
: job? Because kswapd is supposed to unburden other processes from page
: reclaim work, so if it is working *properly*, then the more CPU it uses
: the better.

As you can see from the graphs at
- the total CPU usage in the new kernel/with more memory is significantly
higher. I have not measured the time of the cron job itself, just the total
system utilization.


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