Re: Christmas list for the kernel

From: Jon Smirl
Date: Wed Nov 23 2005 - 12:13:15 EST

On 11/23/05, Marc Koschewski <marc@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> * Jon Smirl <jonsmirl@xxxxxxxxx> [2005-11-23 11:59:27 -0500]:
> > Another would be to have a little user space daemon that listened to
> > the pty creation, and then mknod the tty nodes as need and pipe the
> > data through. That would be a first step to moving to a user space
> > console implementation.
> Shouldn't this be udev then? I hear people scream when 'some deamon'
> created a device in /dev. Was it udev? Was is 'ttydevd'? Even
> 'ondemanddevd'?

udev listens to /sys/class for it's indications on when to create a node.

The tty daemon would need to listen for pty creation to tell it when
to create a node. Then after it creates the node it needs to maintain
a pipe between the pty and tty. This is a lot different than what udev

Jon Smirl
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