Re: Linux 2.6.15-rc2

From: Adrian Bunk
Date: Wed Nov 23 2005 - 16:03:46 EST

On Wed, Nov 23, 2005 at 03:49:31PM -0500, Michael Krufky wrote:
> Adrian Bunk wrote:
> >I do not yet know how to fix it, but configurations like
> >CONFIG_VIDEO_CX88_DVB=y, CONFIG_DVB_CX22702=m are currently compile
> >errors.
> >
> >
> AHA! I have not tested this with cx88-dvb compiled into the kernel (y)
> -- I have only tested as a module (m) ..... Looks like I have a lot of
> testing to do before the end of this week.
> Adrian, does it work if you select CONFIG_VIDEO_CX88_DVB_ALL_FRONTENDS
> ?? Selecting this option is, in effect, exactly equal to the old
> behavior of forcing support for every single frontend supported by
> cx88-dvb to be built.

Yes, this should fix these problems.

> Looks like the problem is the following:
> If cx88-dvb is selected (y), then then the frontends should also be
> selected (y) ... but instead, they are being selected (m)

s/are being/can be/

> Meanwhile, if cx88-dvb is selected (m) then everything is fine, since
> the frontends are also selected(m) ...

I haven't yet found any problem with it.

> Is my assessment correct?
> -Michael Krufky



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