Re: Christmas list for the kernel

From: Pavel Machek
Date: Wed Nov 23 2005 - 17:23:31 EST

On Út 22-11-05 13:31:16, Jon Smirl wrote:
> There have been recent comments about the pace of kernel development
> slowing. What are the major areas that still need major work? When the
> thread slows down maybe Linus will tell us what the top ten items
> really are.
> To get things started here's a few that I would add:
> 1) graphics, it is a total mess.
> 2) get Xen merged, virtualization will be key on the server.
> Hotplugable CPUs and memory are tied up in this one.
> 3) Reiser4 merge, Rieser4 itself is not important, it's the new
> concepts about file systems that Reiser4 brings to the kernel that are
> important. Get the issues around the VFS layer sorted out so that this
> can happen. We need some forward evolution in file system concepts.
> 4) Merge klibc and fix up the driver system so that everything is
> hotplugable. This means no more need to configure drivers in the
> kernel, the right drivers will just load automatically.

5) Runtime power management

its just not there, or alternatively give me

6) E=mc^2 battery from the recent supercomputer thread

, which nicely solves

7) word domination,


Thanks, Sharp!
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