Re: [RFC] Small PCI core patch

From: Lee Revell
Date: Wed Nov 23 2005 - 21:11:02 EST

On Wed, 2005-11-23 at 16:46 +0100, Jesper Juhl wrote:
> Or throw resources behind the OpenGraphics project (
> ). Help them out with the hardware specs,
> help out with the code. Then when the hardware finally arrives, help
> out by buying and using that hardware.
> That'll give you a fully Open Source supported graphics card.

Wow, this project has been making amazing progress. They may have a
working device by the end of THIS year, and they seem to have buyers
lining up to throw money at them when the card is ready. Even if gamer
one does not buy it they appear to have a viable market in the academic
and research communities. Plus high end content work, simulation, etc.
This is shaping up to be a real open source success story.

Check out this progress report from 6 weeks ago:


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