Re: ASUS A8V Deluxe, x86_64

From: Tejun Heo
Date: Tue May 16 2006 - 09:11:16 EST

Albert Lee wrote:
Tejun Heo wrote:
Fortier,Vincent [Montreal] wrote:

Now I'm having an ASUS A8V Deluxe.... and sadly a lot of problems:

- My SATA Controller make my Linux crash when connecting a Plextor
716SA CD-DVD-R (


(diff'd against 2.6.17-rc4-git2, but should apply to most recent
2.6.17-rcX[-gitY] kernels)

I gave a try at the latest ata patches announced yesterday by Jeff and
it completelly solved my SATA ATAPI bug.. I even been able to burn my
first DVD using my Plextor 716SA on my Linux!!! Really nice and much
anticipated work! Thnx a lot!

I have already marked bug 5533 as resolved and I'll wait until inclusion
into 2.6.18 to close it. I've also marked bug 6317 has closed since
that did not occur since around rc2 or rc3 of 2.6.17.

Jeff, do you know what fixed this one? I've been following the bug and
thought it was one of those via-ATAPI-have-no-idea bugs. How come the
update fix this one? Have I missed something?

I'm also curious how the svia-atapi problem got fixed.

This is funny. I thought you would know. We're just a bunch of clueless people, aren't we? :-)

Fortier, can you please post full boot dmesg?

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