Re: [PATCH] fix mem-leak in netfilter

From: Stephen Frost
Date: Wed May 17 2006 - 06:54:48 EST

* Patrick McHardy (kaber@xxxxxxxxx) wrote:
> David S. Miller wrote:
> > Is there any reasonable reason to allow ip_pkt_list_tot to ever be
> > larger than say 255? If we can accept that limit, we can shrink
> > the recent_entry considerably by packing the index and nstamps
> > into a single word next to ttl.
> My primary goal was full compatibility, I have no idea about real-life
> usage though. Maybe Stephen can answer this.

I don't recall ever seeing > 255 usage. It's been pretty rare for it to
be changed from the default at all from what I've seen. Making the
limit be 255 seems perfectly reasonable to me.



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