[PATCH 0/2] Zone boundary alignment fixes cleanups

From: Andy Whitcroft
Date: Thu May 18 2006 - 10:26:46 EST

[Sorry for the delay, we've been busy looking to see what is
responsible for the ia64 issues with architecture independant
zone sizing.]

Following this email are two cleanup patches for the

zone-init-check-and-report-unaligned-zone-boundaries-fix --
we currently will pointlessly report zones as missaligned even
though they are empty and will report the first zone which can
never be missaligned assuming node_mem_map is aligned correctly.

zone-allow-unaligned-zone-boundaries-spelling-fix -- when the
spelling errors in zone-allow-unaligned-zone-boundaries-spelling
were fixed the configuration options were not updated.

Both of the above patches slot into the linux-2.6.17-rc4-mm1 patch
set next to their main patches. Amazingly, they will also apply
on top of linux-2.6.17-rc4-mm1, I don't know what patch has been
taking but it rocks.

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