dm-mod unresolved external with 2.4.32

From: George Nychis
Date: Thu May 18 2006 - 16:17:50 EST


I was wondering if anyone has gotten LVM2 support with the 2.4.32 kernel?

I downloaded device-mapper.1.01.05 and applied the 2.4.28-pre4-devmapper
and 2.4.22-VFS-lock patches to my 2.4.32 kernel, which seemed to be

I then added module support for device mapper in the kernel, and did
make dep && make bzImage modules modules_install && make install

So then i reboot and I see "dm-mod.o: -1 Unresolved external symbol"

I had no errors or warnings building my modules

Any ideas how i can find out what the external symbol is, or does anyone
see anything I'm missing?

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