Re: pktcdvd major contradicts <linux/Documentation/devices.txt>

From: Herbert Rosmanith
Date: Sat May 20 2006 - 18:22:48 EST

> Fixed is in -git since Mon May 15 09:44:40 2006 -0700.

aha. I'm only working with

anyway. As I just started with the pkt-writing module, I noticed
another strange behaviour (at least, it seems strange to me, but YMMV),
and I wonder if this is has already been fixed in some -git or -mm
prepatch or snapshot or subsubsub-release-canditate ...

<linux/Documentation/cdrom/packet-writing.txt> says:

- Setup your writer
# pktsetup dev_name /dev/hdc

Therefore, I do "pktsetup node0 /dev/hdc", which gives:

# pktsetup node0 /dev/hdc
ctl open: Not a directory

strace shows that pktsetup is trying to open /dev/pktcdvd/control,
which it cannot, since /dev/pktcdvd is a char device obviously
created upon "modprobe pktcdvd". The char device has major 10 minor
63, which seems to be missing in devices.txt.

Once I remove the char-device, pktsetup will work and create
/dev/pktcdvd/control and /dev/pktcdvd/node0. Now I try to figure
out how the rest of "packet-writing.txt" works ...

kind regards,

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