Re: [git patches] net driver updates

From: Manfred Spraul
Date: Sun May 21 2006 - 10:56:09 EST

Andreas Kleen wrote:

No idea, but unlikely. The fix removes a duplicate request_irq call.
it possible that the both instances run concurrently?

The system has two Forcedeth ports, but only one has a cable connected.
I don't think there is any parallelism. Just one connection with a lot
of data. It didn't happen with 2.6.16.

You misunderstood me:
Due to a broken patch, the driver did
request_irq(irqnum, handler,...)
twice. Thus the irq handler was registered twice. The rx synchronization assumes that the irq handler doesn't run concurrently. I'm not sure what happens if the irq handler is registered twice: is it possible that it runs twice at the same time, i.e. is the synchronization in the irq subsystem irq number or registration call based?

If you don't have any other good ideas I will try to track it down.

I don't have any good ideas, please try to figure out what's wrong. Is there a debug switch for the network layer that forces the network layer to verify the CHECKSUM_UNNECESSARY blocks?

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