Re: APIC error on CPUx

From: Vladimir Dvorak
Date: Tue May 23 2006 - 02:45:53 EST

Brown, Len wrote:

>>The problem goes away with noapic or acpi=off, but of course that also
>>means you don't have IRQs > 15.
>"acpi=off" is a superset of "noapic" here, presumably because the
>board doesn't have MPS tables that describe the IOAPIC when ACPI is
>"noapic" is a perfectly reasonable thing to use if you don't
>have a lot of interrupt sources and there is no more sharing
>in PIC mode than IOAPIC mode.
>The advantage of using IOAPIC mode is that the system has more interrupt
>availalble and this allows sharing to be avoided. It also allows
>the system to target the interrupts to any processor when you
>have more than one.
My experience yesterday:

Server with 'noapic' cannot boot, kernel reports something like "Lost
interrupt: hde" ( it was said by my college, server is not in my
physical control ) . With 'acpi=off' it boots, but errors appear again.

Brief datasheet about the board is here:

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