Re: tighten ATA kconfig dependancies

From: Adrian Bunk
Date: Sun Jul 16 2006 - 05:11:55 EST

On Sat, Jul 15, 2006 at 12:56:43PM +0200, Arjan van de Ven wrote:
> > > the point is that it doesn't fall out naturally, and thus things get
> > > needlessly missed.
> >
> > It seems the main question is:
> > Is the kernel configuration mainly designed for users or for developers?
> >
> > For users, showing drivers for hardware that is not present on their
> > platform only causes confusion.
> well Aunt Tilly gets confused by all hardware that is not present on her
> machine; she has no idea what a platform is. By that reasoning, we
> should make kconfig hide all non-present hardware.
> Also I think there is no difference in confusion between showing 10 or
> 15 IDE chipsets. Either the user knows what he has (and then it doesn't
> matter) or those 10 are too much already.

It's not about Aunt Tilly, it's about an average systems administrator
compiling his own kernel.

And there are already too many options visible, and the result are real
world problems - I've seen it too often that someone didn't compile the
support for his IDE chipset into the kernel. And this specific patch is
only a small part of the general issue.

The situation was different if only developers and distributions would
compile kernels, but that's not what's happening in the real world.
Kernel developers are only a tiny minority amongst the people
configuring and compiling their own kernel.

And if the "compile coverage" point was meant seriously, we'd also need
some dummy #define's for getting all currently BROKEN_ON_SMP options
compiling with CONFIG_SMP=y since in my experience they are getting
nearly zero compile coverage since it seems the "compile coverage" crowd
only blindly runs allmdconfig/allyesconfig.

I'm often reporting and sometimes fixing compile errors, but that's OK.
Compile errors are really obvious errors (compared to e.g. runtime
corruptions), and therefore not a real problem.



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