SCSI device order changed

From: Yuri van Oers
Date: Sun Jul 16 2006 - 11:40:25 EST


I've come across an issue which might be unintentional and in need of
fixing, in 2.6.17:

My machine has two SCSI adapters, one of which always has some disks
connected to it. One of those holds the root partition. The other card
occasionally gets some devices connected (burners and such), when I have
need for such a device.

Hard disks are sda thru sdd, the devices start at sde. That is, up until I
booted 2.6.17 _with_ the external devices attached. The kernel swapped
the order of the cards: devices start at sda, and the disks come after,
which means it can't find / on sda.

I found a related post here:
which suggests this situation arose around 2.6.15. It also says ordering
can't be guaranteed. If that's the final verdict, I'll simply swap the
cards on the PCI bus and be done with it.

So, is this a bug/problem?

Please CC me, I'm not on the list.

Yuri van Oers

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