Re: "Why Reuser 4 still is not in" doc

From: Lexington Luthor
Date: Sun Jul 16 2006 - 18:52:38 EST

Joshua Hudson wrote:
(aside from the VFS integration debate)
Anybody know what's in Reiser4 that VFS doesn't like (link please)?

Reiser4 plug-ins have (had?) the ability to alter the semantics of things, like making files into directories inside which you could see meta-files like file/uid and file/size which contained meta-data and such accessible as normal files to all the unix tools (which is a very good idea IMO). You could get things like chmod by just 'echo root >file/owner' or something, very nice.

This was frowned upon by kernel developers who felt that it belonged in the kernel VFS (if at all), rather than in reiser4 directly.


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