Re: reiserFS?

From: Matthias Andree
Date: Mon Jul 17 2006 - 10:59:12 EST

Christian Trefzer schrieb am 2006-07-16:

> fsck on a faulty drive might cause even more damage - how do you know
> that other areas of the device are OK?

All drives I bought in the recent years shipped with ARRE and ARWE set.
Any halfway decent fsck tool can just rewrite the b0rked sector and the
drive transparently remaps a spare.

If reiser4 crashes the kernel instead, it's not failure resilient and is
certainly not ready for production.

> I also oppose the ReiserFS-v3.x design philosophy regarding faulty
> storage layer, but in any case where your _live_ data is valuable and
> uptime counts, you _really_should_ use a RAID of some sort.

...and certainly a backup system that gives you FAST access to the data.
RAID doesn't protect against accidents with rm(1) or, worse, wipe(1).

Matthias Andree
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