Re: Status of HPT372A driver?

From: Sergei Shtylyov
Date: Mon Jul 17 2006 - 15:06:00 EST


Jonathan McDowell wrote:

Jonathan McDowell wrote:

I recently acquired a HighPoint RocketRaid 1520 SATA controller (I know,
I know, bad choice but I just need something to tide me over until I can
upgrade to a motherboard with AHCI love). This presents as a HPT372A:

00:09.0 RAID bus controller: Triones Technologies, Inc. HPT372A/372N (rev 01)
00:09.0 0104: 1103:0005 (rev 01)

Sigh, I had no chance to test the driver on this chip myself... And I also haven't tried the driver on SATA drives at all... :-/


I've had a try with libata and Alan Cox's 2.6.17-ide1 patch (I'd
previously tried this and had issues, which turned out to be a faulty
drive I think). This seems to get better results (sda is the same drive
as was hde earlier):

I wouldn't be so sure about the faulty drive. ;-)
However, I haven't looked at the Alan's recent libata driver yet. Unfortunately, I've been severely distracted from IDE stuff for the last couple months... :-/

Timing cached reads: 1084 MB in 2.01 seconds = 540.41 MB/sec
Timing buffered disk reads: 166 MB in 3.00 seconds = 55.25 MB/sec

I imagine this is due to:

libata version 1.20 loaded.
pata_hpt37x: BIOS has not set timing clocks.
hpt37x: HPT372A: Bus clock 33MHz.
ata1: PATA max UDMA/133 cmd 0xA000 ctl 0xA402 bmdma 0xB000 irq 11
ata2: PATA max UDMA/133 cmd 0xA800 ctl 0xAC02 bmdma 0xB008 irq 11
ata1: dev 0 cfg 49:2f00 82:746b 83:7f01 84:4023 85:7469 86:3c01 87:4023 88:407f
ata1: dev 0 ATA-7, max UDMA/133, 488397168 sectors: LBA48
Find mode for 12 reports C829C62
Find mode for DMA 70 reports 1C81DC62
ata1: dev 0 configured for UDMA/133

ie it's configuring for UDMA/133 as expected.

Well, my version of driver should have UDMA133 working faster than the original driver due to the switch to 66 MHz DPLL clocking... And it looks like pata_hpt37x driver is still using the PCI clock, so should be slower too.

The hpt366 driver was stable (I copied 100+G of data with cp/rsync and
it was fine); I've only been running this one (marked "Raving Lunatic"

It may be not as bad. :-)

in the Kconfig) for 5 minutes, so I'll see how it goes. I'm happy to try
out anything you might want for the hpt366 driver though.

It looks like this is not the driver problem so far, read on...

The 2.6.17 hpt366.c driver is at version 0.36. I also found your patches
to l-k earlier this year, but I'm not sure whether I got them all as I
had some rejects; I ended up with a version 1.00 driver as at:

Some patch was recast, maybe this was the reason...

I'm surprised that this has even compiled! It has check_in_drive_lists() defined twice...

No, it has it once (unused) - the used instance is check_in_drive_list()

Is there somewhere I can get your latest work without having to try to
pick the right patches from the l-k archives?

You may find the summary patch in the -mm tree

Right, I found this shortly after I sent my first mail, but it's not a
lot different from what I'm running AFAICT (changes from min to min_t
and the removal of the unused check_in_drive_lists).

Ah, I forgot that I renamed it. :-)

Output of hdparm -iI /dev/hde would also be helpful.


Model=WDC WD2500KS-00MJB0, FwRev=02.01C03, SerialNo=WD-WCANK3255074
Config={ HardSect NotMFM HdSw>15uSec SpinMotCtl Fixed DTR>5Mbs FmtGapReq }
RawCHS=16383/16/63, TrkSize=0, SectSize=0, ECCbytes=50
BuffType=unknown, BuffSize=16384kB, MaxMultSect=16, MultSect=16
CurCHS=16383/16/63, CurSects=16514064, LBA=yes, LBAsects=268435455
IORDY=on/off, tPIO={min:120,w/IORDY:120}, tDMA={min:120,rec:120}
PIO modes: pio0 pio3 pio4
DMA modes: mdma0 mdma1 mdma2
UDMA modes: udma0 udma1 *udma2
AdvancedPM=no WriteCache=enabled

* signifies the current active mode

And the shortened UDMA mode list signifies 40c cable...

LBA, IORDY(can be disabled)
Standby timer values: spec'd by Standard, with device specific minimum
R/W multiple sector transfer: Max = 16 Current = 16
Recommended acoustic management value: 128, current value: 254
DMA: mdma0 mdma1 mdma2 udma0 udma1 *udma2 udma3 udma4 udma5 udma6

Now this is UDMA133 capable drive. Well, I know it's actually capable of 300 MiB/s . :-)

Master password revision code = 65534
not enabled
not locked
not frozen
not expired: security count
not supported: enhanced erase
Checksum: correct

No "HW reset results" -- SATA drives don't have valid word 93 as it seems, and so the eighty_ninty_three() returns 0 meaning that the device reports 40c PATA cable.
I think you need to try this 2.6.18-rc1 patch from Alan:;a=commit;h=1a1276e7b6cba549553285f74e87f702bfff6fac


WBR, Sergei
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