Re: Null dereference errors in the kernel

From: Thomas Dillig
Date: Tue Jul 18 2006 - 01:44:11 EST

Joshua Henderson wrote:
Looked at the first 4. These are valid errors. Seems like a rather intelligent tool. When will this tool be publicly available?

We are currently aiming for a public release of the SATURN tool some time in fall this year. Other students are also working on different types of analyses/verification modules, which will slowly become ready if everything goes as planned.

Eugene Teo wrote:
I would be interested. Can you email bug reports so that bugs can be fixed?
Also, please email security@xxxxxxxxxx so that they can verify the reports
should there be any false negatives.
Also, we will ready (e.g. double-check and pretty-print) more reports and mail them (CC'ed to security@xxxxxxxxxx) in chunks as soon as they are ready. Please let us know if there is anything else you want us to do.

Thanks a lot, it's exciting to hear back from developers after working on this for a long time :)
-Isil & Tom

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