Re: Null dereference errors in the kernel

From: Dmitry Torokhov
Date: Tue Jul 18 2006 - 08:43:20 EST

On 7/18/06, Daniel Drake <dsd@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Thomas Dillig wrote:
> Hello,
> We are PhD students at Stanford University working on a static analysis
> project called SATURN ( We have
> implemented a checker that finds potential null dereference errors and
> ran our tool on the kernel version We have identified around
> 300 potential issues related to null errors, and we've included 20
> sample reports below. If you would be interested, we can post all the
> issues we found. Also, we apologize in advance if we aren't supposed to
> post these error reports here, and we are happy to submit bug reports
> elsewhere if you tell us where to post these.

Interesting idea. I just looked at one of them out of curiosity, but I'm
not sure it is valid. Either that or I have misunderstood the problem it
is identifying?

> [13]
> 1176, 1180 drivers/char/isicom.c
> Possible null dereference of variable "tty" checked for NULL at
> (1183:drivers/char/isicom.c).

This function is part of the tty_operations API, that would be a pretty
broken interface if it provided the possibility of a NULL tty to work
on. Additionally, all of the callers seem to do this:

tty->driver->put_char(tty, c);

If tty is NULL here, we have larger problems at hand :)

That if (!tty...) check is bogus. The tool is apparently unhappy
because the code does:

struct isi_port *port = tty->driver_data;
if (!tty || !port->xmit_buf)

It looks like the problem is gone in the latest -git. The same issue
is in isicom_close() WRT port argument.

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