Re: [PATCH] reiserfs: fix handling of device names with /'s in them

From: Jan Engelhardt
Date: Tue Jul 18 2006 - 12:41:55 EST

>Try v4.
>> My original xattr
>> implementation added another item type, but oh -- wait -- it turns out
>> that the file system isn't quite as extensible as claimed.. or, well, AT
>> ALL. Adding another item results in an incompatible file system change
>> that when mounted on another system, will panic the node. That's
>> friendly! There's not even any way to identify which items are in use on
>> a particular file system to issue a warning/error on mount. Outstanding
>> job "architecting" there.
>Well, if you had an obsessive desire to not use V4, you could fix this
>in V3 instead.
>Might be easier to use V4...
>> Users
>> wanted ACLs and xattrs on reiser3, but you said, "wait for v4, it'll be
>> out soon, and it'll have them." That was 4 years ago. Reiser4 still
>> isn't completely stable

My word here is done:

While reiserfs3 actually got ACLs, xattrs and quota support by now, reiser4
still lacks them. Something must be very wrong to suggest V4; at least when it
comes to these three things.

Jan Engelhardt
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